Internet Dynamics Internet Dynamics


Internet Dynamics is most simply described as a holding company, a business incubator, and a business accelerator for internet businesses. The first business we are launching is DBFoundry.

Internet Dynamics is a company where technology-oriented business units operate like independent companies from startup through operation to possible sale. They benefit during the startup phase by having access to mature supporting business processes (HR/recruiting, finance, accounting, administration, legal, customer service, sales, marketing, software development, QA, technical infrastructure, technical operations) which are in place and available on an as-needed basis.

DBFoundry DBFoundry

DBFoundry is one of the independent business units of Internet Dynamics.

DBFoundry provides online database services for users across the internet. Anyone can register and use the service, using 1GB of storage free forever with unlimited user access. Additional storage can be purchased for a monthly fee. Without programming, users can create databases, populate them with data, create reports, graphs, and dashboards to visualize the data, and share access to the data with other users. In this way, flexible and customized business applications can be created. Users are charged additional monthly fees for various service upgrades.

For more information, visit the DBFoundry website.

... Others ...

Other companies are in the works and are not ready to be announced yet.

If you have a great idea and would like to explore working with Internet Dynamics, please Contact us.