Internet Dynamics

Technology Consulting to help Private Equity Firms improve their Investments

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A Consulting Firm

We supplement your investment team
with objective, outside technology assessments and assistance.

Internet Dynamics is a boutique consulting firm, leveraging our experience and expertise in the role of CTO and as a hands-on technology executive in a variety of startups and industries.


Consulting Engagements

Our Private Equity clients typically call on us for the following types of work,
for both transactional and operational engagements.

Pre-Investment Technology Due Diligence

Before you invest in a company, you always do due diligence to validate your financial, personnel, and technical assumptions. You evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the company and the opportunities and threats that face it. You have a plan for what needs to change to make the company more valuable. But are those plans, the promised results, and the timeframes realistic? Hire a hands-on former CTO to give deep and insightful opinions of the feasibility of the proposed plans.

After-Investment Implementation Review

After you invest in a company, you are busy with pursuing the next opportunity. Who is following up to see that the recent companies you invested in are implementing their promised plans successfully? Fortunately you know a hands-on former CTO who is available to follow up, advise, and perhaps assist where necessary to ensure that your investments are implementing their technology promises according to schedule.

Portfolio Company Strategy Review

You are working with the great people in the companies you have invested in. Sometimes you would like to do a technology strategy review or you want to introduce a new angle to their strategy. You have a hands-on former CTO at your side before, during, and after those discussions to help your assessments and suggestions carry the most weight.

Portfolio Company Trouble-Shooting

As you review your portfolio of company investments, you may realize that you don't know why some of them haven't delivered according to plan. There may be lots of technical reasons given as to why things are different than expected. You need someone objective to get involved and advise you and suggest alternative ideas. You send in a hands-on former CTO who can dig in, understand the technical details, and put you on an even footing technically with the people you invested in.

Consulting with a Difference

I am a hands-on technology practitioner taking on an investor's perspective, not a career consultant.

Stephen Adkins, Founder, Internet Dynamics

Stephen Adkins

Founder and Lead Consultant
Current Investor, Former CTO in several companies
MIT B.S. '84, MIT M.S. '86,
Georgetown MBA '93

"I built my career on building technology solutions and technology teams for startup and growing companies."

"So when I take the perspective of an investor, I know what is possible and what is reasonable. My judgment and my intuition are informed by experience, not wishful thinking." -- Stephen Adkins

Areas of Expertise

In every company, I have transitioned the company from technology with limitations and small business plans
to large, scalable systems and business models that take advantage of them.

My specific areas of expertise are in the following areas.

Company Types

SaaS / Subscription / Recurring Revenue, B2B, Data Syndication, Business Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence, System-Based Management Consulting

Strategic IT Management

High Availability, Disaster Readiness, Data Security, Data Center Management

Corporate Roles

CTO, CEO / Founder, Board Member, Investor (Lead, Angel, Early-round)

Investment Transaction Types

Sale, Merger / Acquisition, Bridge Loan

Major Systems

Big Databases, Backend Systems, 100's of System Integrations with Partners, Cloud Services, Web Applications, Mobile App Technologies, Data Collection Farms, Data Analytics, Real-Time Embedded Systems, 3D Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality


Product Management, Revenue Management, Demand Forecasting, Pricing Optimization, Management Science, Data Science, Master Data Management, Large Database Management and Performance Tuning


Travel and Hospitality, Architecture and Construction, I quickly learn industries and establish my expertise


Integrity, Loyalty, Honor, Reliability, Leading by Example


27 years of system building and team building, 20 of those years being the technology leader in the company.

An Investment Holding Company

Internet Dynamics is a holding company for our own investments in a set of technology companies. We are not merely consultants who help others invest well. We also are investors.

DBFoundry. One of these investments, DBFoundry, is a software development services company with a broad range of experience. DBFoundry is especially strong at helping their clients implement Mobile Apps connected to cloud services.

When we are asked to assist our clients with their software development needs in a variety of areas, we may bring in DBFoundry.

An IP Holding Company

Mobile Apps and Server Software

Internet Dynamics is also an Intellectual Property Holding Company. It owns software suites and libraries that power Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Server-side Data Processing, Group-based Collaboration, Image Processing, 3D Scene Viewing, and Virtual Reality. This IP can be licensed, in certain cases quite liberally, to accelerate the solution-building that DBFoundry can perform for its clients.

Internet Dynamics also commissions and cultivates a portfolio of mobile apps, addressing a diverse set of both consumer and commercial needs.

Some examples apps include:

Sales Management and Forecasting
Small Business Project Coordination and Communication
Virtual Reality Content Production and Sharing
Aquarium Fish Identification and Care
Personal Spiritual Growth